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P3166635_edited_.jpgI've been trying for months to get the Stuffed Burger Press from Williams-Sonoma. I like these sorts of gadgets, I have boxes of these type of weird gadgets. I've now been to 5 stores since christmas trying to buy this stuffed burger press. I even went so far to contact the company that actually makes them and you know what they told me? Exclusive to Williams-Sonoma. The online store does not ship to Canada, so there's no option there either. I officially give up, and I think I may intentionally pass wind in your store forevermore.    

I found another stuffed burger press, looks like it's even a bit better made by these guys I was even able to order it online, and get it shipped to Canada. 

Barbecues Galore

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I somehow missed that there's another decent bbq store in the GTA, I was hunting for yet another smoker recently, something that i'll be reviewing in the coming weeks, and stumbled upon Barbecues Galore, they have a few stores in Canada, and were very helpful when I emailed and called. Check them out :
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I've seen a few DIY flower pot smokers, I've even cooked on one using Alton Brown's recipe for pulled pork a few years ago. This DIY flower pot smoker goes the extra mile with a nice stand and proper venting... if I didn't already have a few smokers already I'd consider making one these up. 

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Get yourself this Darth Vader Apron and use the force at your next cookout to make the best bbq ever! 
Darth Vader BBQ Apron.jpeg

I could not resist posting this.. cause it's just so darn perdy...  and comes in lots of colors. It's made by bodum, and I've always loved their french press for coffee, found one on amazon for $50, now to pick the color!

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I have a wee case of A.D.D I need to see all my knives out and not hidden in drawers, or else I'll forget where I put them, for years I've used my tried and true magnetic strip (from ikea) but this is downright awesome... a wooden magnet?


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If i had this grill I'd have to play the imperial march from star wars every time i fired it up, and I might have problems checking the meat wearing my Darth Vader mask...

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Just what we've all been waiting for, a grill designed by Porsche! Too bad it wont drive you to work, with price tag starting at $6,000.


Looking for way to promote your bbq catering business? this may be for you!
Fill this puppy with water and it used the heat of the grill to steam clean the carnage from that chicken skin and bbq sauce you got stuck on there last night when you decided to bbq at 3am in the morning.. good times!



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